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Are you ready to enjoy long lasting health and well being?

Discover the benefits of a holistic approach to health! We will focus on nutrition and overall wellness; I offer customized services designed for you. Start your journey now.

step one:

your consultation
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Let's get to know each other, talk about your health concerns, your goals, lifestyle, and how we can work together and help you achieve them.


The cost of the call is $22, takes up to one hour and this fee is deducted from the cost of your customized wellness plan. So you can proceed with confidence knowing you’ve made the right choice.

After our call I will email you an assessment for you to complete, I will review it and discuss it with you on our first visit.

step two:

First Visit

After you complete your comprehensive assessment, I will review it and prepare a plan for you based on the results.

This is a two-hour appointment to go over the health survey, nutrition and supplementation plan, and my recommendations.

Please make sure you have filled out the health survey and have returned it to me at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

I will go into details regarding nutrition, lifestyle, supplement program and steps to take. 

The cost is $222 and takes up to two hours, please plan accordingly.

step three:

Stay Awake_edited.jpg

Recommended 2-3 times after the 30 day follow up visit until the health is balanced. Every person and situation is different, re-check visits will depend on individual needs.

The cost is $60 and takes up to one hour.

Check out our options below to stay connected and maintain your investment!

I offer memberships and packages to help you save money.

best option:

Customized Wellness Plan
Invest in yourself and stay committed 
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  • Initial Consultation

  • A Comprehensive Assessment for you to complete which Rocio will review in detail in your first visit. This visit can take up to two hours. She will discuss your current health, any nutrient deficiencies, and share your personalized nutritional and supplementation program.

  • Your 30 day "re-connect" visit

  • 12 months visit with new assessment 


I believe in treating the whole person, and this comprehensive approach ensures that your body, mind, and spirit are all aligned for optimal health.

The self-love investment is $333, ($22 will be deducted from your discovery call).
This payment is nonrefundable and is due at the moment you schedule your visit.

If you need to reschedule, it's no problem, the payment will be applied towards that visit.

memberships and packages:

Choose your Maintenance Plan

Staying healthy is an ongoing process, which is why I offer a range of options for follow-up visits to help you stay at your best.

follow-ups  per month
Basic Supplement Plan
plus Follow Up
includes supplements and one more follow up visit (6 mth)
Advanced Supplement Plan
plus Follow Up
includes advanced customized supplements and one more follow up visit (6 mth)


Single Visit
2 pack visit
use as needed
4 pack visit
use as needed

Rocio's Intro (English)

Rocio's Intro (Spanish)

Rocio's Intro to Holistic Health

ready to commit?           not ready to commit?

Let's get you started

 on your journey to a vibrant joyful life!

Schedule your consultation 

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